YouTube will continue on Roku after agreement

Google and Roku ended their legal battle and reached an agreement for YouTube to continue available on the platform, in order to continue providing a complete experience to users. In addition, they affirmed that Youtube TV, the streaming TV service of the video app, will return to the virtual store of the devices, from where it had been removed.

In April 2021, Roku publicly denounced YouTube for maintaining “unfair conditions”, both technical and financial, in the distribution of the two platforms. During its complaint, the pay TV service pointed out that Google favored its services through search results and in updating hardware. Meanwhile, the Internet giant declared that the complainant’s arguments were unfounded. Finally, it was stipulated that the app would cease to be available on the Roku interface if both parties did not reach an agreement before December 9.

It wasn’t until a day before the deadline that the companies announced the end of their legal battle through social media. “Roku and Google have agreed to a multi-year extension for both YouTube and YouTube TV. This agreement represents a positive development for our shared clients, making both YouTube and YouTube TV available to all streamers on the Roku platform”, they both said in their respective Twitter accounts.