YouTube to broadcast San Pablo’s Paulistão Ligue starting in 2022

The Federacion Paulista de Futbol (FPF), entity that regulates football in São Paulo, Brazil, has announced this last Monday, June 7th, an agreement with YouTube (Google) through which the platform will be able to broadcast Paulistão’s matches, name by which the Paulista Football League is known, made up by professional football clubs of São Paulo. The partnership will be valid as of 2022, although the entity has not reported how long it will be extended.

According to the terms of the agreement, YouTube will be able to broadcast a total of 16 Paulistão’s matches per season for free: one match for each fixture date of the first step; a match for the Quarterfinals; one of the Semifinals; and the two Finals of the competition. FPF has also reported that this is the first agreement that the entity manages to confirm for the next edition of the competition’s broadcasting rights. In addition to live broadcasts, the agreement will allow YouTube content creators to access images and audios of the matches, so they can use them in their productions.

‘YouTube has important agreements with sports leagues, including  Major League Baseball (MLB) in the US and Formula 1 in Europe. This partnership with the Federacion Paulista de Futbol strengthens our commitment to Brazil and shows our determination to be the best partner for federations, clubs and leagues, and deliver the best content to sports fans. We look forward to bringing exciting matches of the League, as well as all kinds of streaming-related content, capable of pleasing our diverse and global audience’, reported Fabio Coelho, President at Google Brazil.

Apart from the Paulistão, the partnership agreement with YouTube also involves other football competitions in São Paulo, such as the Paulistão Femenino, the Copa São Paulo, the Paulista Sub 20 and the Paulistão A2, in addition to other content that will be produced by the FPF, based on the football that is played there. For Paulistão, the agreement includes, in addition to 16 live broadcasts, content from all the competition matches, such as the best moments, curiosities, interviews, and others.

Last January, the FPF announced the launch of Paulistão Play, its new OTT, with content from various competitions held in São Paulo. Access to the platform can be done from its web version, as well as from iOS and Android devices.