YouTube Originals launches new Mexican production

YouTube Originals premiered ‘Aislados, un documental en cuarentena’, a new Mexican production produced in partnership with DW Entertainment & Media. The content is a documentary series that will last four episodes, and was produced during the confinement that is taking place due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic globally.

Starring youtubers Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita, the series focuses on the Coronavirus pandemic and confinement impact, combining them with statements from health specialists, researchers and other content creators experiences, such as the Colombian Sebastian Villalobos; Argentine Micaela Suarez; Peruvian Wendy Sulca, and others.

It is possible to access ‘Aislados’ for free. The first and third episodes will be available on Luisito Comunica’s YouTube channel, and the second and fourth episodes can be watched on Juanpa Zurita’s account. The new documentary, now available, is placed in the new line of YouTube Originals productions, in its commitment with productions made by youtubers.