YouTube Multi-channel network BuzzMyVideos expands its focus to Latin America


British YouTube (Google) multi-channel network (MCN) BuzzMyVideos announced it will expand its focus to Latin America to promote the publication of more contents in Spanish and Portuguese, reported the Canadian website


“Content in its essence is local, and we work with content creators from more than 100 countries, which makes our local expertise and language support very important. Creators are at the forefront of our strategy and we can only empower them if we can serve them locally as well as globally”, expressed co-founder and COO of BuzzMyVideos, Bengu Atamer, in a press release.


According to the MCN, 20% of worldwide internet market traffic is Spanish speaking and is growing at double digit rates. 80% of their own traffic comes from locations outside the United States. Currently, only 200 of its 2500 channels are produced in Spanish and Portuguese, from the Iberian Peninsula.


BuzzMyVideos gathers more than 5,000 YouTube channels, has almost 400,000 uploaded videos with more than 4,400 million views and 21 million subscribers to its network. On November 2015, it announced that it had surpassed the 500 million monthly views and sought to reach 600 million for the first quarter of 2016.