YOFC continues its Latin American expansion

YOFC Yangtze Fiber Optic and Cable Company Ltd of China, considered the largest fiber optic and cable supplier worldwide, is aimed to expand itself from Asia, with a view to Africa and Latin America. The company’s first commercial investment in the region took place in Peru, and its goal is to become the largest network concession operator with the best participation in Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

In 2019, apart from optical fiber and cable, the company intends to improve bidding and project development capabilities. The Group has won four independent orders for phase III domestic broadband connection projects in Peru. They all include the network’s design, deployment and maintenance. It is expected to beat more than USD 400 million in the initiative.

At the end of 2018, the company won, in partnership with Peruvian’s Yachay, the tender to install four of the six broadband networks in the Ancash, Arequipa, Huánuco and Pasco regions, as well as in La Libertad and San Martín. In 2017, it also won the tender for different broadband projects in Ica and Amazonas.