Xandr standardizes video content to improve monetization on its platform

Xandr, AT & T’s advanced advertising company, introduced a new feature to its platform, which enables improved monetization of video content through metadata standardization. During the announcement, the company explained that the tool will take the unique gender values, simplify them and divide them into standardized categories, also specifying the duration, format, genre, rating, channel and language of each program.

 In this way, according to the service, both publishers and buyers will be able to identify the programs more easily. “As video opportunities increase, Xandr is leading the way toward standardizing content metadata to help our customers on both buy-side and sell-side better understand the premium video option“, Lynn Chealander, Xandr’s Director of Product Management,  explained.

“Content metadata for video will enable publishers to capture unique investments by unlocking demand from contextual audiences and providing content insights to buyers to make informed decisions. All this while combining ads with relevant content to create a better experience for viewers”, she added.