Wom launches new FTTH plan in Chile

As reported by the specialized website Pisapapeles, Chilean mobile operator Wom started to offer a new internet plan via FTTH, with 600 mbps of symmetric speed -that is, with the same upload and download speed-, for a monthly subscription valued at CH $ 18,990 (USD 24).

Recently, the operator announced the start of the its FTTH network deployment in Chile through the ‘Internet Fibra’ plan, with a speed of up to 300 mbps, symmetric; unlimited browsing without data consumption restrictions; 24-hour technical support and free installation, for a CH$ 14,990 (USD 19) monthly value. In addition, in April, the Chilean Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) awarded Wom five of the six macrozones of the ‘Fibra Optica Nacional’ project, which includes the deployment of 10,000 kilometers of FTTH in the country. The network is expected to be ready in 2022.

Additionally, specialized websites in Chile also reported that the ‘Wom TV’ app appeared on Google Play, showing its first trial versions. Up to now, the company has not expressed itself in this regard, nor has it reported the date on which the new offer will be launched. Also, while Wom does not mention a pay TV offer on its official website, a file available on the ‘Android TV Guide’ website reports that there is already an Android TV STB for Wom.