Wom continues testing its Wom TV’s offer in Chile

Chilean mobile operator Wom continues testing its TV offering, which it will call ‘Wom TV’. According to the information reported by the Pisapapeles website, the app was launched again on Google Play, although that source informed that it has already been withdrawn. Up to now, Wom TV’s offer includes mobile telephony and FTTH internet. The company has not expressed itself on the launch of the app.

During the time it was available, access to Wom TV was only possible for customers who have been selected by the company to be part of the test, although any user could download it.

In terms of content, Pisapapeles attached a screenshot of the Wom TV app while it was available on Google Play, in which it is detailed that the service will include live TV channels, sports, series and movies, as well as Chilean live content in Full HD, premium content and OTTs. The screenshot also reported that Wom TV is compatible with mobile devices (cell phones and tablets), smart TVs and PCs, and it is possible to access it on up to four devices at the same time. Other available features include the ability to pause, make catch-up or advance the programming broadcast in the last seven days; hire the premium content and cancel it when the client considers it so.

This is not the first time that the Wom TV app has appeared on Google Play. The new offer has been launched as trial versions since 2020, and even, at the end of last year, Pisapapeles reported that Wom will use a STB, called ‘Wom TV Box’, which is available on the specialized website Android TV Guide. The SoC of the device, manufactured by SEI Robotics, is ‘Amlogic S905X2’, and it is compatible with Netflix.