Without broadcasting matches, Argentine TNT Sports bets on contents about the World Cup Russia 2018

The premium sports channel TNT Sports from Argentina decided to invest in content related with the football FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, despite of not having the rights to broadcast the matches. By doing so, it tries to benefit from the high expectation generated by the tournament to be played since next June 14th.

They are two new shows. One of them premiered on Saturday, April 28 th with the title “Privet Russia” (“Hello Russia” in Russian) and is hosted by Ivan de Pineda. It will have eight 30 minute episodes in which the twelve cities to host the World Cup will be shown, resembling a travel guide. “Argentina is one of the countries that is waiting the most for the World Cup, so we want to show people what they will find if they travel to presence this sporting event,” explained the show host.

The Vice President of Content Production for Turner Latin America, Ricardo Pichetto, stated that they wanted to “tell from experience, to show how to get around on local transport, the daily actions… It is a reality show-like story, a direct experience.”

The program is broadcasted every Saturday night on TNT Sports, Fridays on TNT and Sundays on TNT Series. This way, the show can also be enjoyed by pay TV subscribers who only have the basic plans. It is also available to be watched live through the TNTsportsla.com platform (only for premium subscribers).

The name of the second show related to the World Cup is Estadio TNT Mundial, which debuted on May 2 and is shown every Wednesday. It is conducted by a well-known figure of the channel, Matías Martin, and it will be a cycle of interviews with players of the Argentine National Team.