WispMx begins to provide Wifi 6 in massive areas of Mexico

Rafael Núñez Cuevas, Founder of WispMx, announced during his participation in the second day of Nextv Series Mexico 2021 that the provider has already begun to give Wifi 6 signal in massive areas of Mexico, such as parks and baseball stadiums in Veracruz, where usually there are big amounts of people. During the panel “The connected home of the post-covid era“, Núñez Cuevas said that they have noticed that smartphones unconsciously connect to the band and use it, without the owner of the phone even noticing it.

Regarding this issue, Jesús Barrios, CALA Broadband Sales Engineer Manager at Commscope, who also participated in the meeting, explained that one of the main advantages of Wifi 6 is that it allows greater onboarding of devices on the network. “The large number of devices that are beginning to join the home network, from kitchen appliances to smart lights, have put a lot of pressure and led to this frequency redefinition“, he added.

José Chavero, CEO of Fibra TV, was also on the panel and stated that his company sees Wifi 6 as a solution for the slowness and security problems that exist in the streaming service. “Today IPV4 is a bit unstable, so Wifi 6 will help us with these issues“, he said.