Win Sports not to charge its premium channel subscription in May and announces new releases

The Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports, focused on sports content, announced that, due to Colombian Professional football League is still cancelled because of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Win Sports +, its premium version launched at the beginning of this year, will not charge May subscription to its customers, taking a similar measure to the one implemented in March and April. The channel’s decision will take place, even if the Government and the Dimayor – entity in charge of organizing, managing and regulating  Colombian Professional Football championships – decide to reactivate the competition.

This way, the channel requested TV operators not to charge Win Sports+ May subscription to current clients, and to able the channel for free during May for new subscribers. For those clients who have already paid May monthly subscription, the operators will make the necessary adjustments. The benefit will also be available for those who visit Win Sports Online.

‘At Win Sports we strongly believe that our activity is essential to get together with our clients and alleviate, even for a moment, typical concerns we are facing right now. That is why, although we have had to make changes in our programming, and understanding that there are no football matches played, we have kept our TV networks on, and  we continue working to get together with our viewers, offering them diverse and interesting content for sports and football lovers’, said Jaime Parada, President of Win Sports.

Win Sports also announced new programs that will be released during this second week of April. One of them is the new version of ‘Mesa de Analisis’, which will be broadcast on Sundays and offers a space to talk, analyze and comment on various topics related to football, including also news of the sports universe during the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the channel announced the premiere of ‘Detras de la gloria’, which will show  victories of the Colombian Professional Football teams between 2013 and 2017; apart from ‘Clubland’, a 39-episode series focused on the stories of the leagues of the countries with more football fans; and a special of 22 Argentine football matches where Colombian players took part.