Win Sports not to charge its premium channel monthly subscription in June

As it did in March, April and May, Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports announced that it will not charge the monthly subscription for Win Sports+, its new premium option launched earlier this year. The channel also reported that the decision will take place even if the Colombian government authorizes to resume the Professional Football League in the country without spectators.

‘Win Sports+ will continue broadcasting content of interest for Colombians both on its basic and  premium TV channels, through the main operators in the country. In line with this, the channel has made a request not to charge the monthly subscription for current subscribers and that, for new clients, the channel is enabled for free during June. Those fans who are subscribed to Win Sports Online will also be benefited from this decision’, Win Sports officially reported.

Jaime Parada, President of the channel,  expressed himself about the measure and noted that ‘the decisions we make respond to our commitment to viewers, focusing efforts on keeping the two TV channels on air and providing quality sports and football content once we get ready for the return of what could be the new modality for our business’. 

In April, Win Sports announced that it would start broadcasting  the Dimayor #StandandPlay e-League, the first tournament thaT brings professional Colombian football players together through a competition that is entering the quarterfinal stage, and is developed through the FIFA 20 video game. In addition, Costa Rica recently restarted professional football activity, being the first country in Latin America to take this initiative after the country’s League was cancelled due to the advance of the Coronavirus.