Win launches TV app, seeks to grow in the Peruvian market

Fixed broadband operator Win, which belongs to the Optical Networks group and offers services through fiber optic, has reached more than 50,000 subscribers in the Peruvian market, after one year of operations.
For next year, the goal is to double the number of subscriptions. For this, the company decided to launch added-value services to its portfolio, such as a TV App that allows customers to access video content. This initiative, still in beta, offers the option to access channel by channel, without the need to choose a package.
“We know that people like personalized content,” said José Luis Olivera, Win’s general manager, El Comercio reported. This way, the executive stressed the need for customers to have the freedom to choose what they want. The TV App, available for download on Google Play, is exclusively for subscribers since it runs over Win network.
Currently, 80% of the more than 50,000 customers have downloaded the App. Olivera said that in the areas where Win has presence they have already reached a 15% market share and the goal for 2019 is to grow to 30% thanks to the TV App. In addition, the company plans to grow its turnover by 200%.