Website Pelispedia is closed in Uruguay for illegal series and movies streaming

Uruguayan Justice requested to close the Pelispedia website, which had an ilegal series and films catalog without its intellectual rights owner’s authorization. The website has received complaints from Warner, Universal Studios and Fox for illegally displaying content. Apart from that, Pelispedia’s owners were imprisoned for a 90-day period.

Montevideo’s Criminal Prosecutor’s of Narcotic Drugs and Related Offenses, in charge of the Prosecutor Monica Ferrero, imputed a man and a woman for making a digital broadcast available to profit without the written authorization of its owners.  The prosecutor requested the preventive detention of those responsible for Pelispedia for a 90 days-period, while the investigation continues to be developed. Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Fox and other companies made the corresponding complaint on May 3rd against and’s owners. Both websites, as stated in the complaint, allowed Uruguayan users ‘access to movies and series without the authorization or the rights owner’s corresponding payment’.

The Prosecutor’s Office ordered the websites ‘immediate technical deactivation’ of the websites, and requested to block access to the previous mentioned sites sites and to The investigation developed verified that people involved obtained a USD 5 thousand profit per month.