Watch Brazil selects Contentwise machine learning solution to personalize user experience

Watch Brasil, the new on demand video platform for the Brazilian market, and ContentWise, the global provider of digital experiences automation and personalization software for video operators, have came to terms to integrate machine learning powered user experience personalization capabilities in the Watch platform.

Watch Brasil is a streaming platform featuring current and market relevant content catalogs of movies, series and kids entertainment. Designed for internet service providers and broadband operators, it supports a range of platforms on TV, computers and mobile. ContentWise’s software introduces unprecedented levels of control and autonomation in the TV user experience, allowing operators to dynamically personalize the user interface, predict what users way want to watch and therefore improve their services stickiness, increasing content engagement and customer loyalty. 

‘One of the main pillars of out platform is to select and integrate cutting-edge technology. By adding ContentWise, we can personalize the user experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helps ua assemble a richer profile of each of our customers, while delivering a unique experience’, said Maurício Almeida, Watch Brasil’s founding partner. 

With the new technology, the Watch platform will recommend content selections based on the profile and preferences of each viewer. In addition, catalogs can be segmented automatically in micro-genres and themes, while targeted campaigns of new releases and offers can be created by mixing personalization and human editorial curation. ContentWise works on three fronts: user experience personalization, analytics, and editorial management. ContentWise can show different versions of each page/screen to each user based on the context and the profiling data of the user. It also generates micro-genres, custom lists of content that are specific to each user’s taste. When a user interacts with the service, the solution assembles the ideal layout and populates the content in real-time, to match the viewer profile and optimize for maximum engagement.

Maurício Almeida, Founding Partner at Watch Brasil, is one of the confirmed speakers in the coming Nextv Series Brazil edition, leading conference organized by Dataxis. The event will take place next December 4th at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, in Sao Paulo.