WarnerMedia’s SVOD OTT would be named HBO Max

Warner Media’s new SVOD OTT will include the HBO and Cinemax catalog, and the original Warner Bros TV and movie offerings. Though multiple names are still being considered, the TVLine website has learned that HBO Max, same name that one of HBO’s channels in Latin America, is currently the unofficial frontrunner. Monthly subscriptions will cost between USD 16 and USD 17, according to what The Wall Street Journal informed, and will be launched between 2019 and 2020.

Its catalog will include a vast  films library, such as A star is born, Casablanca and the Harry Potter and DC Comics franchises. The platform will also feature comedies like Friends and The Big Bang Theory, and also Riverdale, Claws and other TV series. Love Life, starred by actors Anna Kendrick and Paul Feig, will be the first original title announced for the OTT.

Warner Media’s SVOD platform is one of the main important events planned for this year, and will have Netflix, Hulu, and the recently announced Disney +, Apple TV + and NBC Universal (the latter scheduled for early next year) as main competitors, and others.