WarnerMedia confirms first Max Originals for HBO Max, filmed in Argentina and Mexico

A day after confirming that the launch of HBO Max in Latin America will take place in June, WarnerMedia (AT&T) announced that it is working on the production of ‘Dias de Gallos’ and ‘Bunker’, two original titles that will be available as part of the HBO Max catalog when the platform launches in the region. As reported by WarnerMedia, the two Latin American Max Originals are being filmed in Argentina and Mexico.

‘WarnerMedia wants to be the N° 1 storyteller in the world, by generating experiences and emotions that our consumers value and enjoy anywhere, anytime and on any screen. In Latin America, we are producing a wide variety of original content that will soon be available on HBO Max’, reported Tomas Yankelevich, Chief Content Officer – General Entertainment at WarnerMedia Latin America. ‘Our contents will be about great quality and also variety, featuring stories from a number of genres –from drama to comedy, from suspense to animation- addressed to a broad audience, with a new, absolutely creative outlook’. the executive added.

As officially reported by WarnerMedia, ‘Días de Gallos’ is a series filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focused on the world of freestyle battles produced by Zeppelin Studios, which will run for 10 episodes of 45 minutes each. The plot of ‘Días de Gallos’ focuses on the emotions and dreams of a community of artists who compete with each other and, at the same time, live different friendship, love and sex relationships, and try to learn from their mistakes. Some of the Argentine actors who star in the series are Angela Torres, Julieta Zylberberg, Carlos Portaluppi and others, as well as freestylers such as Roma, NTC, Klan and the drag actress La Queen.

Bunker’, on the other hand, is a humorous comedy, in which a man who has lost his wife and children’s respect finds peace in a bunker located in his home’s  basement, but is unaware of the surprises that fate has in store for him. . According to the information reported by WarnerMedia, the series is being filmed in Mexico City, will run for eight episodes of half an hour each and is produced together with Dopamine. Some of the Mexican actors who will star in “Bunker” will be Bruno Bichir, Miguel Rodarte, Ricardo Polanco, Liz Gallardo, Claudette Maille, and others.