Warner Play surpassed 28 million views in first year in Brazil

In 2020, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment renewed its digital presence in Brazil with the launch of Warner Play, a social media-based space designed to strengthen the brand’s bond with its audience. In its first year, the channel surpassed 28 million views and reached more than 200 million people

Through its YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter accounts, Warner Play shares with the fans the main news related to its films, tv shows and video game franchises, along with exclusive content. In addition, it has a great presence in the eSports field, with more than 103 hours of transmissions and coverage of the most important tournaments.

With the success achieved in the last year, the platform begins to become a part of the commercial opportunities’ catalogue that WarnerMedia has on the internet, with brands like HBO, CNN International, Cartoon Network and TNT.

In its first anniversary month, Warner Play will celebrate its success with promotions and special content for its fans. “We completed a year with excellent audience interaction and very positive rates. Now, we want to expand our reach, share our experience and connect our brand with influencers, content producers and companies through actions integrated with WarnerMedia”, Juliana Brito, Senior Marketing Manager at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, explained.