VTR’s on-demand content consumption increases 125% during the pandemic period

Chilean telecommunications company VTR reported a 125% increase on its VTR VOD content consumption between March and August, that is, during the social distancing period due to the Coronavirus pandemic. VTR reported this information days after announcing a new version of its platform, where it also made HBO movies and series available.

As reported by Cristián Novoa, VTR’s Content Assistant Manager, although there had been an increase in the on demand consumption content on the VOD platform since before the pandemic, ‘the social distancing period, added to the presence of more and better content available for our clients, created an explosion in the consumption in a very short time’.

Some of the most watched international content between March and August are the HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones’, ‘Chernobyl’ and films ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’’ and ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’. There was also an increase in the consumption of Chilean productions, such as TV series ‘Pobre Gallo’ and ‘Somos los Carmona’, together with other  productions made in the country, also available on the platform.

‘We believe that people started to watch even more content, immersing themselves in entertaining and captivating stories, which allowed them to disconnect themselves from the pandemic, and being connected  with their loved ones by commenting, or watching together, their favorite series and movies’, Novoa explained. ‘Both the partnership agreement with HBO and all the children’s, national and cultural content that is offered in our VOD, has allowed clients to enjoy many more hours watching on demand content’, he concluded.