VTR wants to expand FTTH after 100 thousand users lost in 2020

VTR, the Chilean telecommunications company, attempts to resurge after losing more than 100 thousand users in 2020, because of some problems with their Internet program. While they try to expand their FTTH, Mundo Pacífico, pioneer on optical fiber, continues to succeed as the fourth broadband provider in the country and is making the competition increasingly fierce. 

The pandemic affected all telecommunications companies from Chile because of the increasing demand generated by the new from home activities (work, education, entertainment)”, Vivek Khemka, VTR’s CEO, explained. From now on they focus on working to improve their Internet service, by a new GPON connection that will reach more than 400 thousand homes

In addition, they are trying to increase the capacity of their net in all the country, so as to avoid the problems they had last year. Also, Khemka announced that they are developing a new “entertainment model”, that will allow them to join the competition against the other providers from Chile. 

In the meantime, Mundo Pacífico, the company that came into the market by giving connection to little rural areas, is now succeeding as the fourth chilean broadband provider, and it’s near from reaching the three above it. 

We are the ones who started with fiber. Offering 10 MB to homes in 2014 was a radical change in the company, in terms of branding and equipment”, Enrique Colombieur, their executive president, explained. 
“We started to see business opportunities in two or three cities, with a transversal structure. We accomplished very important deployment speeds and a structural commitment. First, we reached 3000 homes, then 6000, later more than 100 thousand, and now we are reaching over 120 thousand homes per month”, he said about the company that today has more than 600 thousand clients.