VTR starts conversations to add removed TV channels to its programming grid

As requested by Chlean Supreme Court of Justice, the pay TV operator VTR began talks with the TVI / Fimocentro Group for a maximum period of three months to reincorporate the TV channels Vía X, Zona Latina, ARTV and Vía X HD to its programming grid.

‘This process could involve modifications in the current list of channels of the TV plan  you have hired. This change’s details will be better informed in an upcoming communication’, VTR informed its subscribers in an official statement.

In the announcement, VTR also expressed that its subscribers ‘will always have the option to accept these eventual channels modifications, change the TV plan they have hired for another available, or feel free to finish relationships with VTR’

Chilean’s Supreme Court of Justice decision was issued due to a dominant position abuse by VTR , after, in February 2016, the previous mentioned TV channels were removed from the operator’s programming grid unilaterally. The statement does not makes it compulsory for the operator to restore the removed channels, but to start conversations with the TVI / Filmocentro Group.