VTR has the fastest broadband in South America

VTR, Chilean operator owned by Liberty Latin America which offers triple play to its clients, presented the fastest broadband speed in South America, according to the report made by the Fixed Internet Connections Barometer in the region, published last July 4th, and included operators from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

According to it, VTR recorded an 58.08 mb/s average broadband speed, followed by Net (Brazil), with 37.27 mb/s. Chilean operator Mundo Pacifico ranked third with 37.16 mb/s, followed by Antel (Uruguay), with 35.05 mb/s and Telefonica Brazil -which operates in the country under the Vivo brand-, with 33.7 mb/s.

In Argentina, Telecentro and Cablevision recorded download speeds of 28.51 and 24.84 mb/s respectively, while Movistar reached 23.14 mb/s in Peru, 21.39 mb/s in Chile and 20.72 mb/s in Argentina. Claro’s download speed in Peru was 20.36mb/s, while it recorded 18.21 mb/s  in Chile and 16.93 mb/s in Argentina. The report also quotes records from ETB Colombia, with 17.07 mb/s, and Tigo Paraguay, with 16.4 mb/s. 

‘We are proud for been selected as the fastest broadband operator in South America. This is the result of how we work every day at VTR to deliver the greatest connectivity, together with the best Wi-Fi experience for our customers’, said Guillermo Ponce, CEO at VTR.