VTR from Chile announces 5 million access points by 2025

The Chilean operator VTR, owned by Liberty Latin America, announced that it has started an expansion plan for its Internet network with which it expects to reach 5 million connections by 2025. So far, the company covers 38% of the broadband market in Chile, which represents 1.2 million connection points throughout the country.

One of the telco’s main goals is to transfer its coaxial cable users to the FTTH network, which it has already extended to 42 locations in the region. To continue in this line, the company affirmed that in the next year it will create 1.5 million passed homes, which will be added to the 400 thousand access points built during 2021.

Instead of focusing on the more developed cities or the Metropolitan area, VTR moved its strategy towards the lower-income areas, where the connection is almost non-existent, to integrate its population to the network. So far, it has managed to extend its FTTH service in the towns of Panguipulli, Pirque, Angol, Tomé and Vallenar, among others. Pablo Rosales, Director of Network Maintenance at VTR, said in this regard: “They were cities that weren’t necessarily prepared to have broadband. Many times we had to work with electrical poles in poor condition, far from the houses, something that we hadn’t seen in previous projects”.