VTR evaluates creating new low cost company to offer pay TV and internet

VTR, Liberty Latin America Group’s operator with a triple play offer in Chile, is evaluating the possibility of implementing a new low cost company to offer more basic products with cheaper prices. Some of the main ones would be pay TV with fewer channels available and internet with lower connection speed. 

‘50% of Chilean households do not have a fixed internet connection, so we celebrate and support investments and industry initiatives, because they help to remove the digital divide’, said Pamela Gidi, Telecommunications Vice Minister in Chile, and clarified that ‘no information about the initiative was given by VTR yet’, but, according to her point of view, ‘we look at it with good eyes because it is a commitment for business generations in the telecommunications industry’. 

According to people close to VTR, the new low cost company, whose name was not reported yet, could make its debut at the end of the year, although they emphasized that the project is still under analysis. Its aim is to provide a telecommunications offer in lower income segments.