Vrio, AT&T unit that controls DirecTV operations in Latin America and Sky in Brazil, ends Q3 2020 with 10.9 million clients

As part of AT&T’s Q3 2020 results report presentation, the company reported almost 10.9 million subscribers to Vrio, a unit that controls DirecTV’s operations in Latin America and Sky Brazil. The figure means a total of 229 thousand more clients in relation to the 10.7 million recorded as of June 30th.

In turn, Q3 2020 is the only one in the year in which Vrio reported positive net additions. The company ended 2019 with 13.3 million clients. Later, at the end of Q1 2020, it recorded a loss of 114 thousand subscribers and finished the period with 13.2 million customers; and in Q2 it recorded 10.6 million, as a result of the closure of DirecTV operations in Venezuela, which took place in May and represented 2.2 million customers. In August, the DTH facilities in the country were acquired by Scale Capital, and after the transaction, DirecTV will continue to operate in Venezuela, but will be known as ‘Simple TV’

The telecommunications company also reported that Vrio obtained revenues valued at USD 753 million during Q3 2020, similar to the USD 752 million recorded at the end of Q2. Additionally, in early July, WarnerMedia confirmed that its SVOD OTT HBO Max will start its international expansion in Latin America.