Vivo strengths its mobile strategy as OTT aggregator

Brazilian mobile operator Vivo (Telefonica) has expanded its video and entertainment catalog with five streaming platforms: Fox +, Telecine Play, Discovery Kids On, Fox Sports and WatchESPN and reinforces its position as an OTTs distributor.

The company emphasizes that the customer can choose the OTT wanted, by paying directly into their cell phone account (carrier billing) or through prepaid charging, and can access to content on multiple screens such as cell phone, tablet, computer or Smart TVs.

B2C Vivo vice president, Marcio Fabbris, remarked that the company seeks to be a content distribution platform, offering to customer the possibility of choosing the service without pay TV traditional packaging ‘We are affirming ourselves as a brand that offers varied and quality content, through different alliances. This time we are taking the traditional one of of pay TV for any customer with a Vivo cell phone’, said Fabbris.

In Vivo’s offer stands out Telecine streaming movies (Telecine Play); Fox +, with 11 Fox channels; the WatchESPN app, with four sports channels; the Fox Sports app and Discovery Kids On, with games and Discovery series.