Vivo Brazil’s plans can be modified from its website and app

Braziian Justice ordered telecommunications operator Vivo to allow its clients to change any of their plans through the website and the application of the company. It already offered the changing possibility through the Meu Vivo application, but subscribers could make the alteration only to change to a more expensive plan.

Justice request was made last February 19th by Consumer Defense Justice Prosecutor’s Office (Podecon), which belongs to Federal Districts and Territories Public Prosecutor’s Office  (MPDFT). The alteration that Vivo must make makes sure for subscribers to have total freedom related to digital channels plans, and it will be a valid possibility for all Brazil.

Judge Thiago de Morales Silva cited resolution 632 articles 44 and 45 issued by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) in 2014. The first one establishes that telecommunications companies must ‘make available on their website a mechanism for comparing plans of services and promotional offers, which allow those interested to identify the most appropriate option for their consumption profile’. The second one states that ‘all service plans marketed by companies must be available on its website’.

Silva granted 20-day period for Vivo to obey what Brazilian Justice decided, at the risk of paying a USD 7594 daily fine if the corresponding modifications are not applied. Vivo was consulted about the measure and expressed that it ‘does not make comments on legal actions in progress’.