ViacomCBS to bring Nickelodeon’s series to Twitch in Latin America

ViacomCBS Networks Americas (VCNA) announced that it has ran an agreement with Twitch allowing the co-streaming of Nickelodeon’s animated series, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘The Legend of Korra’ on theplatform.   

 From October 26th to October 29th, Twitch will stream Nickelodeon’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘The Legend of Korra’ in Latin America, allowing Twitch users to connect with their community and co-stream the episodes with other streamers, putting their own spin and comments on the episodes and enriching their user experience. As part of the agreement VCNA’s channels in the region, Nickelodeon and MTV Latin America, will promote the airings across their platforms to engage fans of the series and drive viewers to Twitch.  

 ‘This is the first time that ViacomCBS Americas partners with a social TV/gaming platform like Twitch, so we are very excited to bring Nickelodeon’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘The Legend of Korra’ to gaming fans in the region via this platform’, reported Manuel Reveiz, Vice President of Content Distribution Management for ViacomCBS Americas. ‘We are always focused on exploring and developing new and innovative partnerships, and this collaboration with Twitch is a clear example of that.  We look forward to seeing what engaging content Twitch’s community will be able to create with the co-streaming of these two iconic shows’, he added. 

 Gustavo Ruiz, Strategic Partnerships Manager for New Verticals Latam at Twitch, said that they are ‘very excited to be a place where live entertainment can flourish in many different shapes and formats. This marathon is just another way in which our community can interact with a growing ecosystem of entertainment content that now includes music, comedy, podcasts, sports and much more’.