ViacomCBS offers free access to Paramount+ for a 90-day period for Casas Bahía’s clients in Brazil

Brazilian company Casas Bahia, focused on sailing home appliances and different telephony and TV products, announced an agreement with ViacomCBS to launch a new special offer that grants free access to Paramount+, SVOD OTT launched in Brazil and Latin America on March 4th, for a three months period. According to the terms of the offer, Casas Bahia’s customers who buy products exclusively through the company’s app (Casas Bahia Play) until May 19th, will be able to access the benefit.

According to the information reported from Casas Bahia, once each product is acquired, its customers will receive, within 48 hours, an access code to Paramount+. Products bought on  Casas Bahia’s website will not be valid for the offer. 3 codes will be awarded, each one belonging to one month of free access to Paramount +. The codes will be available monthly, on Casas Bahia’s application. All titles of the ViacomCBS platform will be available to the clients included in the promotion, being able to access the catalog on up to five devices at the same time. In addition, from Casas Bahia they reported that the benefit is not cumulative. In other words, if the same customer makes more than one purchase, they will not get a period greater than the three months already granted to access Paramount+ without paying a subscription.

‘With the launch of Paramount+, our aim is that more and more people know and can access the extensive catalog available on the platform. Casas Bahia is an extremely strategic player for ViacomCBS, and joining our entertainment offer in this action with the brand is very important for us’, reported Mauricio Kotait, General Manager at ViacomCBS in Brazil.

The Paramount+ catalog brings together more than 5 thousand hours of content, and includes titles from Showtime; Paramount+ original series; Brazilian original productions from MTV and Comedy Central; Nickelodeon content for children; and others. In Brazil, the platform’s monthly subscription is valued at R$ 19.90 (USD 3.5), ando offers a seven-days free trial period.