Viacom releases new comedy with Mediapro to be aired on Telefe

Pequeña Victoria, a new co production between Viacom International Studios (VIS), The Mediapro Studio and Oficina Burman its release date scheduled for this Monday, September 16th on the Argentine FTA TV channel Telefe.

‘Pequeña Victoria is the perfect example of what we want to do from Viacom studios. When we launched and presented this project last year, our aim was to create, develop, produce and distribute an original product that crosses borders’, said Federico Cuervo, SVP & Head at VIS.

The project’s plot will focus on Jazmin, Barbara, Selma and Emma, four women with different ways of living that will join their paths because of a baby’s birth. They will transgress the subrogation protocols and decide to share Victoria’s upbringing, who will question them and challenge them to love. At the same time, these women will find a healing bond that will not be given by motherhood, but by the relationship that the four women will build, around the daughter of all.

Darío Turovelzky, SVP Global Contents Telefe / Viacom International Media Networks, said that from Viacom ‘we aimed ourselves to create quality content, be at the forefront of audiovisual products and, mainly, to create experiences that entertain that incite cultural development and emotions in our audience’. He also expressed himself about the partnership with The Mediapro Studio Argentina and Oficina Burman: ‘Having creative and technical partners such as Mediapro and Oficina Burman is what we want to achieve from VIS. Partnering with the best strategically and that they follow  us in these kinds of challenges is the way we want to go’.