Venezuelan Government confirms that the Venesat-1 satellite stops providing telecommunications services

The Venezuelan Government has officially confirmed that the Venesat-1 satellite, on which the CANTV’s DTH operations were developed, will not provide telecommunications services anymore due to a failure. 

Made by the Chinese company Great Wall Industry Corp and launched in 2008 from the Asian country, Venesat 1 had a useful life of 15 years, with the aim of providing TV and broadband services to Venezuela. The satellite, also known as ‘Simón Bolívar’, is managed by the Bolivarian Space Activities Agency (ABAE). 

As reported by the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, last January the agency had reported that Venezuela and China were planning the development of a new satellite -Venesat 2-, which would continue the operations of Vanesat 1 once it ends its useful life.

CANTV Satelital has 600 thousand subscribers and is the second largest pay TV operator in the country.