Venezuela loses more than 70 thousand pay TV subscribers in Q4 2018

In its ‘Telecommunications Area Figures Report’ belonging to the fourth quarter 2018, Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) recorded 4,623,817 pay TV subscribers in the country. The previous mentioned figure represents a 1.51% fall compared to last year’s same period, where there were 4,694,862 pay TV subscribers in Venezuela.

From the total pay TV subscribers already mentioned, Conatel reported that 67.13% belongs to satellite TV, and the remaining 32.87% is recorded on cable TV. The entity informed that 44.22% of clients belongs to DirecTV, followed by Intercable (14.24%), CANTV (13.08%), Telefonica (9.22%) and Netuno (3.30%). The remaining 15.93% represents other operators.

According to Conatel, during Q4 2018 the highest pay TV subscribers concentration was recorded in Mirada and Zulia, where both surpassed half a million clients. Carabobo was located in the third place, with more than 433 thousand, followed by the Capital District and Aragua, with 408,400 and 312,644 subscribers, respectively. The lowest number of pay TV subscribers took place in Cojedes, where 80,125 were recorded.