Venezuela launches new FTTH plan with Cantv

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, announced a new FTTH plan to be implemented in the country’s municipalities, and aims that, by November this year, 80% of the country’s municipalities will be connected. It will be developed by Cantv and will be implemented in the Capital District and in Miranda and Zulia states at first, to later move towards the rest of the country.

‘I have approved a special investment plan with the resources we have for the Fiber to the Home plan, which will allow us to bring high speed internet to homes and offices throughout our country through new fiber optic, which will be installed in all the country’, said Maduro.

Omar Prieto, Zulia’s Governator, met on August 23rd with Manuel Fernandez, Cantv’s President, in order to start working on connection diagnosis and how to run the announced plan.