Vanessa Rosas Molina, COO of blim tv, on the aggregation of content on platforms and pay TV: “Curation is important”

Vanessa Rosas Molina, COO of blim tv, remarked that, when adding content to a TV service, “curation is important“- During the panel “The evolution of linear channels and multi-channel offer“, which closed the Nextv Content Distribution Latin America 2021 event, the operational director of the Mexican subscription service explained her vision on the relationship between quality and quantity.

In blim tv we have 37 thousand hours of content, but the amount is not necessarily what people really want to see“, she said. “It’s important not to fall into what pay TV fell into, thinking that quantity is quality. You have to have an interesting content offer so that people choose your service before another, curation is important”, she pointed out.

Gustavo Castro, Telefónica’s Latin America Content Manager, agreed with Rosas Molina’s point of view and explained how they noticed the same thing from his company. “Our clients ask us for more megabytes, not more channels. There is a lot of material and that generates expense”, he said.