Uruguayan telco Antel’s President rejects to make original productions for Vera+

According to specialized websites in Uruguay, Gabriel Gurmendez, President at the Uruguayan telco Antel, reported that the company will not venture into producing its own content for the Vera+ platform and the Vera TV channel. The executive’s statements, as reported by Uruguayan websites, were made in the ‘Primera Mañana’ radio program,  broadcast by Radio ‘El Espectador’ (810 AM).

Gurmendez said that Antel’s decision not to produce its own content is based on the fact that, according to the executive, ‘we are never going to win the battle against Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. We do not know how to buy that content, we do not know how to produce it and, surely, we still do not know excactly what our customers want, what they want to buy and at what prices’.

In relation to the continuity of Vera+ and Vera TV, Gurmendez said that ‘we have to analyze how far we get, I do not think that producing our own content is the way’. The executive also questioned the broadcasts of the next FIFA  World Cup on Vera. ‘It will be accessed in some way, but we must not invade all areas’, he reported.

Antel has recently launched ‘Antel Box’, a new STB that broadcasts streaming content in 4K and features pre-installed apps from Netflix, YouTube and Vera TV. The Antel Box remote control has voice commands through Google Assistant, and provides direct access to the mentioned apps. Also, on the home screen, users are able to find personalized recommendations for videos, programs and movies.