Uruguayan Football Association thinks on a new AUF TV

Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) Standardization Commission President, Pedro Bordaberry, pointed that Uruguayan football clubs financial problems  would lie in how bad TV rights are sold, and expressed that the only possible way to market World Cup Qualifiers TV rights would be to create AUF TV.

‘Here what is being disputed are World Cup Qualifiers rights. The company has to make money and clubs do not have to be poor. The company does not pay what it has to pay for the rights’, said AUF’s currently header.

To support his idea, Bordaberry thought about what is going on in Chile. ‘If you develop the football chanel like Chile did, you will surely own more money, the monthly fee paid per subscriber for football is around USD 5 and USD 6, and there are between 500 and 600 thousand subscribers who have football. That is a USD 2.5 million dollars per month result,  and you have to multiply that by 12. It’s a barbarous, round business, I think we have to defend it that way’.