Uruguay to launch a new OTT for cinephiles

Uruguayan Cinema and Audiovisual Institute (ICAU) agreed with telecommunications company Antel the launch of a new OTT. Andrés Tolosa, Antel’s President,  said he offered ICAU Antel’s Vera + and Vera TV platforms to make the Institute’s productions available. ICAU, according to Tolosa, will be in charge of the catalog, and Antel will make available its infrastructure for the project development, which, according to his words, is thought to be materialized ‘in a few weeks’.

The new OTT will have free access contents, and other will be paid. Among the main ones, stands out a contemporary Uruguayan films catalog; a patrimonial contents projection area; another that will attend contemporary cinema, and a fourth category focused on recent or premiere films, which will have a paid access. Martin Papich, ICAU’s Director,  said that some content will be on the platform “a week or ten days” after their premieres in cinemas, and others may be released simultaneously.

Streaming platform particular feature will focus on a ‘careful quality films curation’, said Papich. The director explains that this is not an only point, but aims to ensure the best conditions for content circulation, and to generate ‘a favorable environment, in which national content may have a greater performance than it has at present’  

ICAU has two ways to make films circulation at present: one is Retina Latina, a free digital platform for the promotion, dissemination and distribution of Latin American films, made up, apart from Uruguay, by entities from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. The second is the Mercosur’s Digital Room Network, a diffusion circuit composed of 30 rooms of member countries of the organization, coordinated by ICAU.