Uruguay moves forward in FTTH implementation

Andres Tolosa, President of the Uruguayan telco Antel, reported that 85% of households in the country have access to the internet, and 75% of them already have fiber optic network installed. 

Tolosa explained that percentages described above means that Uruguay reports over one million families with internet access, and households with FTTH installed leaves the country ‘well above the rest of Latin America, and at European and North American levels’.

When referring himself to households with FTTH, the executive said that it is an aspect that places Uruguay ‘above Europe’, and only ‘Asians and some Middle Eastern oil nations’ are over it. Tolosa also explained that, from the remaining 25% of households with the FTTH network installed, 21% have access through copper cable (ADSL), and 4% through 3G and 4G networks.