Uruguay launches OTT of national films and series CineUy through Vera TV

The National Institute of Uruguayan Cinema and Audiovisual (INCAU) and the Association of Producers and Filmmakers of Uruguay (Asoprod) launched CineUy, a streaming platform that offers a wide VoD catalogue of national films and series for local audiences, developed on Vera TV, the OTT of the operator Antel.

To access the app, users must have an account of the Uruguayan telco service and from there subscribe to CineUy, which currently has a monthly value of USD 2.25. As reported by the entities, the platform offers a library of premieres with more than 150 productions that will be renewed month by month. But it also has a selection of content in Pay Per View mode, with rentals that will be enabled for 48 hours from the purchase process, and at a value between USD 2.83 and USD 4.30.

The best of national cinema, films and documentaries that reflect our culture, who and how we are, came to settle in homes throughout the country“, announced the OTT, which includes titles such as Así habló el cambista, Los modernos, Belmonte, El baño del papa, El viaje hacia el mar, Tanta agua, Hit, Los tiburones, Mal día para pescar, Mi mundial, Mr. Kaplan y Miss Tacuarembó, among others.