Uruguay ended 2018 with a reduction on its pay TV subscribers base

According to its ‘Uruguayan telecommunications sector evolution’ report, that country’s Communications Services Regulatory Unit (URSEC) presented statistical data on the pay TV consumption as of December 2018. According to the entity, Uruguay recorded 703,887 pay TV subscribers, which means 18,607 less customers compared to the same period 2017, when the figure amounted to 722,494 clients.

According to URSEC, the leading pay TV technology in Uruguay as of December 2018 was the coaxial cable, with 391,361 subscribers. However, there was a decrease in all technologies compared to the same period 2017, except from DTH, which was the only one that growed due to Cablevision UHF clients migration to this technology in Montevideo and the Metropolitan Area.

In December 2018, Montevideo concentrated 37% of the Uruguayan pay-TV market with 261,658 subscribers, while in the rest of the country the remaining 63% was concentrated, which represent 442,229 subscribers. The largest pay TV subscribers number was recorded in Montevideo, followed by Canelones and Maldonado.