UOL Play adds 20 pay TV channels to its catalog in Brazil

According to specialized websites in Brazil, UOL Play, the new streaming platform owned by the Folha de Brasil Group, officially launched last year with Watch Brazil as a technological partner and platform to support the new product, is strengthening its catalog with 20 new pay TV channels. 

According to the information reported, the new channels are Sony; Warner; E!; History; H2; AXN; Lifetime; Nick; Nick Junior; MTV; MTV Live HD; Paramount; Comedy Central; Agro+; Arte 1; BandNews; BandSports; Terraviva; Estadio TNT Sports and Live FC. The platform also includes the ability to rent titles recently released in movie theaters, and a seven-day free trial period for new subscribers.

As reported on the platform’s web version, UOL Play currently features three packages available: ‘Light’ (for a  R$ 15.90; or USD 3 monthly subscription); ‘Cinema’ (for R$ 49.90; or USD 9 per month); and ‘Familia’, valued at R$ 69.90 (USD 13) per month. In all cases, subscribers can access them in up to four profiles and four screens at the same time. The ‘Light’ package features only on-demand content from Paramount+, Comedy Central, Noggin, MTV, Awesomeness, MOV, Showlivre and VivaBem. The same on demand content  mentioned above is also available in the ‘Familia’ and “Cinema” packages, although these two offers also include live TV channels.

UOL Play is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. Access can be made through computers (preferably Mozilla or Google Chrome browsers); as well as from iOS (version 9.0) and Android (version 7.0) smartphones and tablets.