Universidad de Chile plans to launch new DTT channel

The Universidad de Chile has officially announced this last Thursday, November 19th, the launch of a new TV channel, due to the celebration of its 178th anniversary. According to the information that was reported, it will be launched as a DTT channel, on channel 11.2. For the launch of the channel, the educational entity has run an agreement with the Chilevision channel (Turner), which will allow it to use one of its frequencies.

‘We hope to start a white brand for an hour and a half from December, to gradually increase. The new digital TV channel of the Universidad de Chile is a long-awaited project, which will allow us to recover a space for creation and experimentation in all its dimensions’, said Ennio Vivaldi, Principal at the Universidad de Chile.

As reported from the educational institute, the TV project will be a low-cost one, sustainable and will use all the resources and content that the institution currently produces and delivers to the country through its seminars, cultural initiatives, Chilean National Theater and stable artistic casts, such as the Symphony Orchestra and the Chilean National Ballet. It is also expected to develop original programming, with contents focused on political debate, sexuality, mental health, art, and other related topics. The installation of the channel, meanwhile, will be developed in the offices of Radio Universidad de Chile

‘60 years ago, the Universidad de Chile was a pioneer in terms of producing its own content and formats in our country, and we hope that this new TV channel will have a similar impulse: to give answers to the changes and needs that the country has today with new formats and extensive interaction with audiences’, added Vivaldi.