Universal Cinergia Dubbing works on a dubbing and subtitling projects in Spanish, English and Portuguese

Dubbing producer Universal Cinergia, based in Miami, has ran several agreements to offer dubbing and subtitling services with Caracol TV and other companies, including Gaumont, DARO, CJ ENM and Eccho Rights. The production company recently opened new facilities in CDMX.

In the case of the Colombian FTA TV channel, Universal Cinergia is working on dubbing  the series ‘Bolivar’ in English, described as the channel’s ‘most ambitious’ project, in view of its international expansion. Other projects of the production company are starring Gaumont (France), to whom it is dubbing a 10-film package in Spanish; and DARO (Monaco), for whom it is dubbing two films by the US Steven Seagal into Portuguese, to be watched in Brazil. In addition, the studio is recording the Spanish voices of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, the series by the audiovisual production company CJ ENM from South Korea, thinking about the Spanish-speaking market and, as a last project, developed due to a request of the Eccho Rights studio, Universal Cinergía is dubbing into Spanish the Cennet series, from the Turkish channel ATV, which is already being broadcast by Canal 4 in Uruguay and Telemundo in the US.

‘All businesses have been forced to make major changes in the way they work’, said Liliam Hernandez, President and CEO at Universal Cinergia Dubbing. ‘Being connected has never been so crucial and the continuity of doing business is vital. Our clients know they can rely on us, regardless the current circumstances. Caracol Television, Sony, NBC, Gaumont, DARO, CJ ENM and Eccho Rights are some of the companies we are currently working with, dubbing content in Portuguese, Spanish and English’, she explained.