TyC Sports led Pay TV sports in Argentina in 2018

According to Kantar Ibope’s annual Pay TV rating average, Argentinian network TyC Sports led sports broadcasters 2018 ranking and became the most watched sports channel in the country.

In the Monday to Sunday slot from 7 to 24, which concentrates most of the live programming of all networks, TyC Sports achieved 0.82 rating points, with a 55% difference over its main competitor. And, from Monday to Sunday from 12 to 24 hours, the sports channel obtained a 0.98 points, and exceeded the competition by 42%.

In addition, TyC Sports also led Monday to Sunday 24-hour slotm as it has been doing for the past two decades. The network reached a 0.65 rating points average, and led the segment with a 54% difference with its competitors. This allowed it not only to be the highest rated sports channel, but also to obtain the fourth place in Argentinian general Pay TV ranking from Monday to Sunday, between 12 and 24.

TyC Sports, which can be watched in Latin America and the United States, is distinguished by a 15 hours a day live programming, mostly from its own production. It also combines informative, analytical, debate and entertainment formats, with the most relevant sporting events broadcasts.