TV Peru advances in selling its productions abroad

Hugo Coya, Peruvian Radio and Television National Institute (IRTP) Executive President, reported that the agency is in process of negotiating  the sale of the TV Peru series ‘The last bastion’ to a ‘known streaming platform’, whose name was not informed. In addition, he said that they have received proposals from Amazon and an Indian channel, and that Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) would broadcast it on one of its channels.

‘The series, of which only six episodes have been released’, will be totally broadcasted (35 episodes) from April 22nd to July. After that, it will be available to be broadcasted by the streaming platform, which has to double it to spread it in other countries’, he added.

Apart from that, the Executive said that IRTP ran an agreement with RTVE to produce historical series. The firstone will be a two seasons series on Francisco Pizarro’s daughter, which will be shown in Peru and Spain, and then sold to other countries. He also mentioned proposals receptions from Mexico, Colombia and El Salvador to sell the animated series ‘Ciudad Jardin’, from IPe channel, together with Peruvian producer Polirama. ‘With those incomes we will look forward to produce more animated series’, Coya concluded.