TV Educa, new educational TV channel launched in Chile, extends its broadcasts until September

As officially reported by the Chilean National Television Association (Anatel), the TV Educa channel, launched in late April with educational content for children, will be available in Chilean TV operators until next September 14th.

‘Since it was officially launched, the channel was designed to be together with children during the Covid-19 pandemic and, since it was thought that the return to classes would be in June, that was the term that was considered for TV Educa Chile’, was reported by Anatel. However, the entity’s President, Ernesto Corona, confirmed that the channel will continue its broadcasts for another 90-day period. ‘We always said that this TV channel was born to support children who were locked up in their house and, as long as this situation exists, we will continue this collective effort’, the executive reported.

TV Educa Chile is broadcast through the FTA TV channel’s digital network, and it was recently announced that the channel would also be part of pay TV operators grids in the country. The channel is an initiative of Anatel and its associated channels, and is supported by the Chilean Education Ministry and the country’s National Television Council (CNTV).