TV Cultura digitizes its files

TV Cultura, the main educational channel in Brazil, announced that it began its digitizing files process. Gilvani Moletta, the company’s technology director, said it has recently incorporated one of the largest file digitization systems, which is considered one of the largest in the country and includes artificial intelligence.

We have more than 80,000 BetaCam cassettes between programs and journalistic reports. For that, we developed a software and hardware based system which can digitize 3 thousand cassettes per month, about 100 hours per day consolidating the metadata located in the most diverse Foundation Padre Anchieta -owner of the channel- historical data banks in a only bank, automatically’, said Moletta. In addition, he explained that they use artificial intelligence, ‘which helps us in the  text description, images and faces recognition, to later collaborate in searching mechanisms and access to digitized content’.

Digitized files go through a workflow that also generates a second low resolution one, that can be used to make searches on the web and storage on LTO 6 tapes and in the cloud.

‘This new infrastructure enables us a system that will provide a quick search for production and news and opens the doors for new businesses, because many important files and programs have been discovered during the digitization process in progress’, explained  TV Cultura’s technology director.