TV Ciudad plans to triple in-house content hours in 2022

According to the information reported this last Friday, June 4th, on the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador’s web version, the Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo (IMM), owner of the Uruguayan FTA TV channel TV Ciudad, intends for the channel to increase ‘to more than double’ its production over next year.

The entity expects that the TV channel’s in-house content hours, shown on journalistic programming, sports, varieties and documentaries, will reach 1,800 hours at the end of 2022. The figure, according to El Observador, means almost three times the amount generated in relation to the last period of 2020.

The already mentioned newspaper’s web version reports that, in 2020, TV Ciudad produced 637 hours of in-house content, excluding international content. In turn, the channel aired 1.7 hours a day of its own original productions. Likewise, the IMM intends for TV Ciudad to end 2021 with 1,600 hours, which means an average of 4.3 hours a day of its own original content. ‘If the goal is met, for next year, TV Ciudad would reach an average of almost five hours a day broadcasting in-house content’, they reported from El Observador.

IMM also intends to increase the number of hours available on the screen of broadcasts that offer translators using sign language. The aim is to reach 1,000 hours by the end of next year, 200 more than in 2021. Increases in the number of programs and productions focused on promoting ‘healthy eating’ and ‘human rights and memory’ are also expected.