TV Azteca would leave football broadcastings in January 2021

Mexican TV Azteca sources said that, after having analyzed Atlas and Monarcas Morelia results and not having recovered the investment made in the last five years, it is taking into consideration in a serious way  to get away from Mexican football broadcastings starting in January 2021 Benjamín Salinas, TV Azteca’s Director, wants to consolidate ADN 40 news network, because he considers that it is more profitable and influential than football is.

At present, TV Azteca has Santos, Veracruz, Puebla, Atlas, Morelia and Chivas teams broadcasting rights. However, for the next season the channel would stay only with Atlas and Morelia. Atlas was one of the first teams to be affected by the measure taken by the TV network, which reduced their budget for this season when they saw that the investment they made had not had favorable results.

One of the last largest investments made by TV Azteca without the expected results was with Puebla and Veracruz. In both cases, teams could not achieve the goals scheduled. Puebla had to request an advance on its TV rights  payment, so that they could be administered by TV Azteca. Veracruz is facing a similar situation, because in 2018 TV Azteca made a previous large amount of TV rights to ensure the teams TV broadcasts, and this year the team will have to pay the amount to continue in Mexican football  maximum circuit.