TV Azteca deeps its partnership with Deezer and launches a new TV program

After announcing an agreement with Deezer to promote its expansion throughout Mexico, TV Azteca launched ‘Deezer Live’, the first FTA TV program produced by a streaming platform in the country. The program officially premiered last Sunday, July 26th on the Azteca Uno screen, and features different content related to the music of Mexico and the world.

In addition, the platform’s subscribers will be able to listen to all the artists featured on ‘Deezer Live’ through the app. There, Deezer’s clients will be able to search for artists and be aware of their new albums, and following curated playlists, with special emphasis on regional Mexican music, rock in Spanish, pop, and other genres.

Since August 2nd, Deezer is also developing its first advertising campaign on TV Azteca, focused on the platform’s commitment to Mexican talent.

‘Our campaign captures the excitement we see when our clients open the Deezer app and discover all the music they love. Whether you are a user of the free service or a Premium subscriber, you will have access to all content in Mexico and globally with a simple click’, said Deborah Jourdan, Head of North and Central America at Deezer. “The concept of our campaign was inspired by real opinions from our fans. Our new and existing users get surprised at how easy Deezer is to use. They love our interface, high audio quality and editorial curation that makes Deezer unique. We tried to catch all of that in our first TV ad, and we are proud to premiere it on TV Azteca’, the executive added.